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Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Yom Shlishi, 5 AdarI 5778



Starting January 2012, In the Rabbis Dust will be posted here in audio format. Look out for it soon!





Reaching you with the
Messiah's good news






OSY offers a number of visual biblical outreach presentations for easy learning and discipleship growing. You may also book any presentation on any occasion.

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This is a 50.minute visual program which is accompanied by live demonstration of the Lords Passover. Learn about traditions verses biblical practice. Learn how the gospel is spelled out in the Passover itself. See how the Passover is taken and what its element represent to today’s Jewish people.

Get a peek at our passover presentation

This is a 50.minute visual program which is accompanied by live demonstration of biblical practices and customs found in Lev 23. Learn why the feast of tabernacles is relevant to a believer’s future. Learn what will happen on this feast during the Messiah’s return and reigning period and much more!

This is a 50.minute visual program which is accompanied by live demonstration of traditional Jewish practices and Historic customs. Learn about how the Jewish nation stood strong during religious threats and restrictions on religious freedom. See how God prevailed over there enemy. Learn how the anti-Christ is found in this symbolic picture, and why the Messiah made mention of this in the gospel of Matthew.

This is a 50.minute visual program. Understand the current upheaval and situation between the Israeli’s and Palestinians. Learn from a biblical perspective where the conflict begins and when will it end.  Learn to know what issues are important and which are not. Get answers from the rabbi in question and answer time.

This is a 50.minute visual program. Understand and learn how to administer the gospel to a Jewish person. Learn practical and easy tips and steps in evangelism. Learn to be the bridge for Messiah to a lost Jewish soul. Get helpful insight guide and word terminology chart to build non-offensive ways of reaching your Jewish neighbor or friend, doctor, lawyer, etc. Spend time speaking and asking questions from an experienced messianic rabbi.

This is a two part presentation 110.minute visual program. This program can also run as a single presentation with a 10.min break. Learn all about each biblical holiday found in the Torah of Leviticus 23. See the gospel come alive in the feasts. See the future plan of G-d for his body (the church). Find out what happens to Israel in the future through the feast. Learn how each feast is celebrated today and learn that the feast are divine times of refreshing, celebration, and look forward to the return of our coming Messiah.

This is a 50.minute visual program. Learn quickly and in-depth about why Jewish people keep rejecting Yeshua (Jesus) as their promised Messiah of Israel. Hear the objections from the rabbis of Judaism of the past, as well as today. Learn what the hot and true issues are that are viewed within Isaiah 53. See how to defuse rabbinic Judaism’s view with the Hebrew Scriptures. Get to the root of the truth and use this information to share the messiah with a potential Jewish candidate for Salvation. Also find time to engage and ask questions with a Messianic rabbi who understands Jewish issues.

This is a 50.minute visual program. Are these the same temples? Learn about why the Jewish temple will be rebuilt during the times of the tribulation. Learn about the future temple which the Messiah will build at his second coming. See the outcome and purpose of both temples, and learn where will the temple be in the end of times?

This is a 50.minute visual program. Our presentation deals with six main symbols of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) and gives you helpful insights to the Hebraic perspective. Unlike most ideas out there on the tabernacle, we share a number of insights that are never mentioned about the tabernacle. You will also learn how the Messiah is attached to the symbols of the tabernacle furniture and see how believers can know more about the Messiah by knowing clearly what they mean and represent.

This is a 50.minute visual program. Learn about what the future holds when the Messiah returns. Find out about who will really posses the land of Israel, and where or when will the Messianic Kingdom be established? Find out if the Mosaic sacrificial system will be in force under the law of the Messiah, and how long will his kingdom really last?