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Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Yom Shlishi, 5 AdarI 5778



Starting January 2012, In the Rabbis Dust will be posted here in audio format. Look out for it soon!





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OSY School of Biblical education and Judaic studies program now offers you the unique opportunity to engage in biblical subjects from the Tenach (Hebrew Old Testament) and the B’rit ha dasha (New Testament) from a Messianic Jewish perspective. OSY also offers you in-depth training in the field of biblical teaching, discipleship and Jewish evangelism. Expand and enrich yourself by being a part of OSY’s biblical school program today.

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Experience in-depth teaching, meet exciting students, and see visually the Bible come alive!


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We offer a number of exciting biblical studies available to offer you today. Just click the link to get to the page. We also offer additional information about our school program and outreaches. See how we can be a blessing and source of encouragement for you, your church or even small groups.

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 Is the theology dealing with the identity of Yeshua Ha Mashiah  (Jesus Christ), particularly the question of the relation of his human and  divine natures.
Eschatology Is the theology dealing with the "last things." Describes the  issues of end time prophesy, such as, millennium, the tribulation, the  second coming of the Messiah.
Typology Is the theology and Biblical exegesis or doctrine or theory  concerning the relationship between the Old and New Testaments. Events  in the Old Testament or Hebrew bible are seen as pre-figuring events or  aspects Messiah in the New Testament, and, in the fullest version of the  theory, that is seen as the purpose behind the Old Testament events  occurring.
Israelology Is the doctrine and theology on the study of Israel.
Soteriology Is the theology dealing with the doctrine of salvation (Greek: soteria).

Is the science of textual interpretation, usually referring specifically to the Bible. The term "biblical exegesis" basically means "the process of interpreting the Bible." The specific techniques employed in the exegesis of Scripture are usually referred to as "hermeneutics."

Expository Is a type of writing, the purpose of which is to inform, explain, describe, or define the author's subject to the reader. Expository text is meant to deposit information and is the most frequently used type of writing by students in colleges and universities. A well-written exposition remains focused on its topic and lists events in chronological order. Examples of this type of writing are cooking instructions, driving directions and instructions on performing a task. Key words such as first, after, next, then and last usually signal sequential writing. Personal pronouns may be used in such writing, if needed.

Hermeneutical Is the study of interpretation theory. Traditional hermeneutics - which includes Biblical hermeneutics - refers to the study of the interpretation of written texts, especially texts in the areas of literature, religion and law. Contemporary or modern hermeneutics encompasses not just issues involving the written text, but everything in the interpretative process. This includes verbal and nonverbal forms of communication as well as prior aspects that impact communication, such as presuppositions, preunderstandings, the meaning and philosophy of language, and semiotics. Philosophical hermeneutics refers primarily to Hans-Georg Gadamer's theory of knowledge as developed in Truth and Method, and sometimes to Paul Ricoeur. A hermeneutic (singular) refers to one particular method or strand of interpretation.

OSY Long distance Student or Discipleship training provided in your area

If you are someone who's a lay or church leader, has a gift to teach, and would like to host a small group in your area, we offer you training by correspondence. This means that you would receive our requested study outlines and CDs for setting up and teaching our biblical classes. You then, once trained by a Messianic Rabbi, will offer the learned course or courses in your local church if desired, or to interested small groups.

If you would like to participate in this outreach program simply respond to the OSY Email link. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Response Instructions: In your email please give us a small description of who you are, what location you are in, and a quick background of yourself. We will then respond to you the following day and process you for your biblical course.