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Wednesday, 24 January 2018
Yom Rivii, 8 Shevat 5778



Starting January 2012, In the Rabbis Dust will be posted here in audio format. Look out for it soon!





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New Covenant Judaism

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Get Rabbi Da’veed’s insightful new handbook on understanding issues with some beliefs of 1st century Jewish believers and today’s believers. Get strait answers to your questions about biblical practices for your faith. Find out how history, culture and the past church fathers have totally reshaped the faith you now know of today and more. Order your copy here!
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The Messianic Significance of the Feast of Israel



The Messianic significance of the feast of Israel

This is an in-depth study on each of the seven feast found in Lev 23. Comes with 4cds, Charts and some diagrams. Learn about the gospel message in the Feast; learn about the Jewish customs, traditions and development of the Feast. Lean about the spiritual and symbolic nature of the Feast which were fulfilled through the Messiah, and is yet to be fulfilled. Learn about G-d’s plan through the feast. Excellent way for sharing the Messiah with a Jewish person. $45.00


Messiah & The Mishkan-Tabernacle



Messiah and the Mishkan (Tabernacle)

This is an in-depth study on the tabernacle in the wilderness. Comes with 5 cds diagrams and charts on the Mishkan. Learn the symbolic and spiritual nature of the tabernacle message. See how the body of messiah and believers are linked to the pattern of the Mishkan. Learn about the Messiah’s office as Priest, King and servant of G-d. $50.00



Messiah Revealed in the Tenach


Messiah revealed in the Tenach (Old Testament)

This is an in-depth study on the Messianic prophecies. Comes with 5 cds, diagrams and charts. Learn all about the prophecies which speak of the Messiah from genesis to Malachi. Explore the mission, purpose and future glory of the Messiah. Hear Jewish objections to who the Messiah is, and what Jewish believers say about the Messiah. Learn how to use this information for Jewish evangelism. $50.00


The Jewish Life of Rav Sha'ul



The Jewish Life of Rav Sha’ul (Rabbi Paul)

This is an in-depth study on the Jewish life, background, and Ministry of Rabbi Sha’ul. Comes with 3 cds, diagrams and charts. Learn all about the Jewish life, calling and ministry of Sha’ul. Learn that he remained Jewish and taught from the Jewish context. Learn that he did not forsake his Hebraic heritage nor teach that the commandments of G-d were done away with. Understand the Jewish man his concepts and his message for both the Jewish person and Gentile. $30.00


The (Hebrew) Names of G-d in Torah



The (Hebrew) Names of G-d in Torah

This is a study on the Hebrew names of G-d. Comes with 1 cd, and a few charts. Learn how to pronounce the Hebrew names of G-d correctly. Learn the insightful true meanings of G-ds Name verses titles. Learn how the Messiah embodied and expressed the true character, attribute and nature of the father’s name. Lean that Jehovah is NOT G-ds true name, and much more. $20.00



The Mashals of the Messiah



The Mashals of the Messiah (Under development stay tuned)

This is an in-depth study on the all the parabolic teachings of the Messiah Yeshua. Learn how to interpret correctly all the parabolic teachings of the Master. Understand the insightful Jewish context of the teachings. Understand why the Messiah taught in parables. Clear up misconceptions of modern day thinkers who misinform or misinterpret the master’s message. This study will come with background info, charts plus 5cd’s. This is an ongoing project in progress and most likely will be completed within the spring (April) of the coming year of 2010.


Ministries & Gifts



Ministries and Gifts

This is a in-depth study on the B’rit ha dasha spiritual gifts. Comes with 2 cds, and a few charts. Understand clearly the proper use of the spiritual gifts. Are they of use today? Can anyone receive these gifts or are they born with them? Should ministry’s be made our of gifts? Find out the answer to these questions and more. Also learn how to clear up misconceptions and abuses of the gifts.$25.00



The Messiah in the Hebrew Alphabet



The Messiah in the Hebrew Alphabet

This is a study on learning the basic Hebrew alphabet and its vowels. Comes with 1 Cd, a few charts and 2 Cd’s with Hebrew Flashcards for quick learning. Understand the Hebrew alphabet, Learn to read and pronounce it with its vowels in this step by step study. Plus learn how the ancient Hebrew alphabet was and is a pictorial language which correlates to pictures of the Majestic Messiah. Great and easy way to start learning Hebrew for studies $25.00