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Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Yom Shlishi, 5 AdarI 5778



Starting January 2012, In the Rabbis Dust will be posted here in audio format. Look out for it soon!





Reaching you with the
Messiah's good news






OSY Stands for Orah Shel Yeshua (Illumination of Salvation) ministry. This work of the Jewish Messiah has been functioning within the Jewish Christian field for over 16 years to present. Our ministry origins first began within the Inland empire (southern California) area.
From here the ministry developed into a non-profit Biblical teaching, evangelistic, training, discipleship and missions orientated center. In the course of our evangelistic Missions we have opened a very much needed outreach program to the local churches and to the public. This is our school of Biblical education and Judaic studies program. Biblical discipleship, literacy, and education are our goal for this project. Our hope is to develop sound, knowledgeable, trust worthy ministers who will fulfill the commission of the Messiah, to take the gospel and make disciples of all men starting with the Jewish person first (Rom 1:16).


Osy is a teaching, discipleship, evangelistic ministry. One of its focuses is to share the full richness of both the Tenach (OT) and gospel from a Jewish Christian perspective (Rom 1:16). Osy mission is to educate and inform the body of Messiah Yeshua about its biblical Hebraic heritage, its relationship to Israel and G-ds chosen people. Building love relationships and bringing understanding between the Jewish community and Christian community, to glorify in unity the G-d of Israel through our Messiah in everything we do (Rom 2:9). To clearly reveal and demonstrate the ultimate love of Messiah Yeshua (Yohanan-John 13:34-35).