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Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Yom Shlishi, 5 AdarI 5778



Starting January 2012, In the Rabbis Dust will be posted here in audio format. Look out for it soon!





Reaching you with the
Messiah's good news






Deb & Me
OSY is a teaching, discipleship, evangelistic ministry. Its focus is to share the full richness of both the Tanach (OT) and gospel from a Jewish Christian perspective (Rom 1:16). Osy mission is to educate and inform the body of Messiah Yeshua about its Hebraic heritage, its relationship to Israel and G-ds chosen people. Building love relationships and bringing understanding between the Jewish community and Christian community, to glorify in unity the G-d of Israel through our Messiah in everything we do (Rom 2:9). To clearly reveal and demonstrate the ultimate love of Messiah Yeshua (Yohanan-John 13:34-35).
In Honor and Loving Memory of Debra