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Friday, 15 December 2017
Yom Shishi, 27 Kislev 5778



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Who is the Anti-Messiah?

This article deals with the questions of who is the Anti-Messiah? There are a lot of speculations and ideas about this person, what’s his ethnicity? Is he here now? When will he come? And are we closer than we think? Our concise article below will help answer some of these questions.

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Basic concepts to consider about the Anti Messiah

The first thing to understand and consider about this future Anti-Messiah is that he is never called a Messiah or false Messiah. According to the prophetic insights which were made clear in the book of revelation the Anti-Messiah is someone who first will arise out of the nations of the gentiles showing that he will not be Jewish or from the Jewish nation (1a).  He also will be someone that will enter into worldly political power. He is also looked at as a world dictator, or political leader who makes a seven year covenant (1b) with the Jewish nation (2). Yet the scriptures do not relate that he must be accepted as a Messiah for making that political covenant with Israel. Some have supposed that when Yeshua the Messiah said false messiahs will come (3) that included the Anti Messiah. However understanding the word or title of anti-messiah itself never supports the idea of being a Messiah or false Messiah. The word “anti” means against, or gives the idea of an opponent who is against. Its definition does not mean “just like or the opposite of” even though this Anti-Messiah is clearly nothing like our true Messiah. Yeshua the Messiah himself identifies the Anti-Messiah as the “abomination of desolation” found in Daniel (4). The Apostles identify him as the “Son of perdition” or against G-d and his Messiah (5). They never teach us that the Anti-Messiah must or will be a false Jewish Messiah. In fact Rabbi Sha’ul (Paul) specifically says that the Anti-Messiah will proclaim himself to be G-d not a false Messiah/savior (6). Though some may speculate he acts like the worlds savior during the trib period he (the Anti-Messiah) never himself proclaims that he is such. The scriptures reveal that he will say blasphemous things against the most high but saying he’s the world savior or its Messiah is not noted here or in B’rit ha dasha (New covenant) writings. Only the fact that he will make the statement and demand that he is again G-d to be worshiped by all! This is the most blasphemous statement he makes which will lead to his ultimate judgment and doom.

Secondly the scriptures do not pinpoint to us the Anti- Messiah’s actual whereabouts at this present time. We do know that the spirit of anti-messiah has been in the world for well over 2,000 years. However we also know that in the near future he will make and live in a modern day rebuilt Babylon and use it for his headquarters during the tribulation time which has not yet occurred. A third question now follows with, but is the Anti- Messiah physically here now?  In connection with his whereabouts we cannot speculate as to whether he is born or not. Could he be born? Obviously he can be born now but we can not pinpoint this information for the moment. As there are a lot of speculators out there who even proclaim that the current president is the Anti-messiah! Problem here is that his background does not fit the biblical prophecy profile. But as prophetic scripture develops only time will truly reveal when the real Anti-Messiah will arrive out of the shadows of darkness. In finality how close then are we to seeing this happen? Some believe we are at the very doors of seeing the fulfillment of these scriptures come to pass. As we examine the scriptures and the times we too believe and can agree we are getting closer and closer. But a final thing to consider about the arrival of the Anti-Messiah is that it cannot happen until we first see the return of the Messiah known as the rapture along with a few other details which must be in place before the Anti-Messiah is revealed (7). Based on your eschatology position (pre trib, post, mid etc) the reader must discern for themselves about the times and scripture. As far as we are concerned our position is flexible to these biblical events which we believe are soon to take place.

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Script Ref

(1a) Rev 13:1,17:15 Scripture pictures the Antichrist as rising up out of the sea. In prophetic literature the sea is an image of the Gentile nations. Thus, the Antichrist is seen as a Gentile progeny.

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